Ordering Hosting - Domain Registration and Transfer Options

When ordering a hosting plan you will be given 3 options:

1. Register a new domain. 

2. Transfer your domain registration from another registrar.  

3. Already have a domain I want to use or will register a new domain later.

All Doman Name Purchases are non-refundable.

Check your spelling...

Register a new domain:

You will want to choose this option if you are creating a brand new site
 on a brand new hosting account with us and you wish to register a new 
and previously unregistered domain name.

Transfer your domain registration from another registrar:

Transfers require:

Privacy OFF.

Lock OFF.

A Valid EPP code.

Make sure your email is correct with the current registrar.
This option will result in transferring your domain registration from 
the current registrar to Delain Hosting. This transfer does not include copying your data,
databases, or anything beyond the registration itself. We do not
 recommend transferring the domain when signing up for a hosting plan 
because during the transfer you will be unable to update the nameservers
 to point the domain at our services. 

It is suggested that, if you wish to transfer the domain to us, that you
 do so after your data (Hosting) has been migrated to our service. In other words use option 3 below.

Already have a domain I want to use or will register a new domain

This is the option we suggest if you have a pre-existing site you wish
 to move over to us on your new hosting plan. You would enter the primary
 domain you wish to use on the account and once you've migrated your data. You can then initiate a domain transfer if you desire.

 There is no obligation for you to transfer your domain to us in order to 
use our hosting services.

 All that is necessary is the ability to modify the nameservers of the
 domain at the current registrar or the DNS zone to point the domain at 
us. Updating nameservers is a common and generally easy process but it
can vary from registrar to registrar. If you have questions about 
updating your nameservers at a third party registrar it's best to direct
 those questions to them directly.